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Criminal Law Forms Available to Help Attorneys

Service to educate and improve the Bar has been important to me over the past 25 years. I recently spoke as a volunteer at the NJ ICLE seminars Municipal Court College, Handling Drug, DWI & Serious Motor Vehicle Violations in Municipal Court and Representing the Criminal Defendant. The speakers such as myself are all volunteers and devote many hours to preparing quality materials and forms on CD to be used by our members. I also make these forms and articles available to attorneys who need help criminal, traffic and motor vehicle cases. Its about helping others. Please email my office which form you need, up to 5 forms. Email VercammenLaw@njlaws.com

1 Criminal/Traffic Ticket Caller Form Saved As: Traffic Ticket Caller Form Ken rev Index to ABA Criminal Law Book-Non-client-Front Desk Mac
2 Criminal/Municipal Court Interview Form Mun Ct Questionnaire    
3 Crim & Traffic Appointment Letter Crim & Traffic Appoint email  
4 Referral Out Another Atty Fax Referral Out Another Atty fax  
5 Retainer Municipal Court 03D Retainer-MUN COURT  
6 Municipal Court brochure xx pdf  
7 MVC/DMV Points brochure xx pdf  
8 Website brochure xx pdf  
9 Expungement Brochure xx pdf  
10 What to Do if in Accident Brochure xx pdf  
11 02 Discovery Regular 02 DISC    
12 Disc Req Alcotest7110 DWI discovery requests 02 Disc Req DWI Alcotest7110  
13 02 Discovery-Driving While Suspended 02 DISC- DWS    
14 Juvenile Discovery 02 DISC- Juvenile Middlesex  
15 Disc to Contest Suspension 02a DISC to DMV    
16 Private Citizen Complaint Demand for Discovery 02d Disc_Complainant    
17 Lt of rep to Court Fax 02 Lt of rep only    
18 Freedom of Information Act Laws OPRA field sobriety chief of police OPRA  
19 No Fee Letter No fee_ $not received Mun  
20 Conditional Discharge Motion Conditional Discharge Pet First offender drug cases
21 Motion to Suppress SUPPRESSION Mt    
22 Drug-Cases General Motions CDS Mts non disc- jury    
23 DWI- General Motions DWI Mts non disc- jury    
24 Motion to Reduce Bail Bail reduce Mt    
25 Specific Defenses crim- Specific defenses    
26 Motion to Dismiss Indictment Brief Dismiss Indict delete q  
27 Miranda Brief MIRANDA br    
28 Missing Discovery Brief Pros- missing disc    
29 Request for Blood Urine discovery Req Blood Urine disc copy  
30 Post Conviction Relief Application Motion to Vacate Plea Post Conviction Vacate Mt  
31 Motion to Compel Discovery from the private citizen or dismiss Mt- Dismis No disc private citizen  
32 Disc from Prosecutor to Client Disc to Client from Pros    
33 Missing Discovery Pros- missing disc    
34 Expert lt to cl- recommend Client hire expert Dwi- expert letter    
35 Miranda Motion Miranda Mt copy    
36 Motion for Civil Reservation Mt for Civil Reservation    
37 Slap MT to do community service work instead of mandatory jail Mt forSlap    
38 NO DL Suspension, Drivers License Suspension due to extreme hardship/Bendix motion Hardship no loss of license Bendix  
39 Motion to Compel Free Expert if Indigent 23 PD Assigned Counsel-Mt for expert  
40 Prosecutor Object to Need Abstract Pros- missing abstract    
41 Testifying in a Criminal case pdf    
42 Objection to the Entry of Lab Report OBJ TO LAB CERT    
43 Reciprocal Discovery to Prosecutor Reciprocal discovery to pros  
44 Alibi cl- Alibi and Notice of Alibi  
45 Constructive Possession -Motion to Dismiss Complaint against car passenger where CDS located in front compartment next to driver Constructive poss    
46 Hearing Notice 04 Hearing notice    
47 Working With Your Lawyer Brochure pdf    
48 Defense by Affidavit Defense Affidavit to Client  
49 MT to Compel Discovery Missing Discovery Mt- Dismis No disc    
50 Lt to Witness asking Details WITNESS lt    
51 Subpoena ad Testificandum- To testify Subpoena_ad_testificandum Municipal CourtNJ  
52 Subpoena Duces Tecum- For records Subpoena ducestecum_cp  
53 Subpoena Lt for Records copy letter to company/entity we want records from 26 Subpoena Lt for Records  
54 Order to Compel Discovery Order Compel Mun Ct disc Keep this in your car
55 Order Mark Try or Dismiss Order mark try or dismiss Keep this in your car
56 Order to be relieved Order to be Relieved   Keep this in your car
57 Appeal Notice Mun Notice of Appeal   Bring to court, client fill out
58 Form Letter-Recommend Treatment Sub Abuse Treatment Form Lt  
59 Late Fax xx    
60 Fax Sheet to Prosecutor with Recommended Plea Staff Atty handle fax    
61 Municipal Court Law Review pdf    
62 End of case letter End of Case lt    
63 CLIENT QUESTIONNAIRE- End of Case Client questionnaire end  
64 No Show in Court No Show in Court    
65 Brief Dismiss Indict Brief Dismiss Indict    
66 Recommend Expungement End case- Rec Expung    
67 Thank You Witness 30 Thank Witness    
68 If sentencing is another day [Exhibit: 68] Sentencing Lt to cl    
69 Overcharge for Public Records [Exhibit: 69] Police obj to overcharge  
70 Post Conviction Motion No Adequate Factual Basis [Exhibit: 70] Post Conviction Vacate Mt  
71 Motion to be Relieved [Exhibit: 71] Mt to be Relieved    
72 Expungement Petition & LT Expungement Pet & LT    
73 If person wants to sue anyone, send him or her No Rep 05 No rep    
75 Speeding Discovery 19 Speeding Law & Disc new  
76 On Call Subpoena lt On Call Subpoena lt    
77 Reports / Hearsay Not admissible Hearsay not admis- Crawford  
78 Alibi letter to client cl- Alibi    
79 Defense by AFF letter to client Defense Affidavit to Client  
80   Supplemental DWS interview  
81 Courts barred from handling discovery Court cannot handle discovery  
82 To client- we dont handle appeal 30 PD Appeal    
83 Speedy Trial Mt Speedy Trial Mt    
84   01A Client w Retainer no envI  
85   13E Crim-RETAINER Flatagr copy  
86   Post Conviction Retainer-MUN COURT  
87   Mail Mun Q &Retainer-Pot  
88   Domestic Violence-RETAINER Flatagr  
89   03D Retainer-JUV SUP COURT  
90   Police report req    
91   Req Dispo MUN CT    
92   Expungement Bill Services to Remove  
93   More disc br    
94   Storm Cert priv pros    
95   Substitution of Attorney  
96   Bill of Particulars    
97   Chain of Custody    
98   DWI-Mt- More disc    
99   Mt stay sus pend appeal  
100   Notice of Motion    
101   Order- video and datadownload  
102   PTI mt    
103   Refusal- Confusion DWI    
104   Sentencing MemoAggravating & Mitigating for Sentencing
106 Suppress Statement violation of Miranda Sup-Miranda.doc    
107   Client Prepare pg Cross Q  
108   Alphabetical Index Criminal, Traffic, Law  
109   Chun Alcotest article    
110   Cross Exam Q-DWI    
111   13E Crim-RETAINER Hourly .doc  
112   14 Thank you for Referral .doc  
113   18 Client refer out .doc  
114   36- File in Superior Court  
115   Appeal Fee-Bill to Client    
116   Bail to cl family    
117   Brochure Lt-article out    
118   02 Lt of rep only    
119   Cl w statutes .doc    
120   cl- Additional fee for Superior Court  
121 Fines and restitutions Fines and restitutions    
122   Pros field sobriety    
123   13E Crim-RETAINER Hourly .doc  
124   cl- watch DVD, listen CD  
125   Confidentiality Lt to Cl .doc  
126   Conflict_ dual rep    
127   contested dwi fee .doc    
128   Copy of client file .doc    
129   Suppress Miranda Order .doc  
130   Court fax lt of rep- fax sheet .doc  
131   Court- sentencing .doc    
132   ct w witness name.doc    
133   Current Client appointmen .doc  
134   Domestic Violence TRO Questionnaire .doc  
135   DV Lt of rep .doc    
136   Dwi blood request    
137   DWI stop video lt    
138   Expungement recommend  
139   File closed, new fee .doc  
140   Mun ct fee not received .doc  
141   Mun Ct OUTSIDE atty handl .doc  
142   Municipal Court Bill .doc    
143   MVC_ DMV - Follow-up Hear .doc  
144   New Client schedule appoint  
145   We have No docs response .doc  
146   No refund policy .doc    
147   Non- Client Response to Request for Copies copy of closed file papers
148   Objection to results no expert brief  
149   OPRA Alcotest discovery request .doc  
150   OPRA DRE police chief.doc  
151   Pros- need to provide Alcotest documents .doc
152   PSI Pre Sentence to cl .doc  
153   PTI cl need reference    
154   Roadblock discovery lt .doc  
155   Second Appearance Fee .doc  
156   Thank you for Referral fax  
157   Brief post convict vacate.doc  
158   CERT REDUCE BAIL .doc    
159   CertifDefense by Affidavi .doc  
160   Court Cert NO records.doc  
161   DWI law- disc .doc    
162   DWI-blood defense brief.doc  
163   Mt No Alcohol Inf Rep AG  
164   No discovery dismiss Brief.doc  
165   Notice of Alibi .doc    
166   Refusal Brief wrong statement.doc  
167   Refusal DWI Defenses failure to completely provide 2 breath samples in excess of 1.5 liters.doc
168   Sub of atty .doc    
169   Statute of Limitations    
170   Speeding and Radar    
171   Self-Defense    
172   Delay- s v farrell    
173   Plead guilty? Nah, defend DWI charges! .doc  
175   NO insurance 39-6b-2    
176   Fines, Jail penalty criminal .doc  
177 Ta Kwon Do Martial Arts Training for Atty Ta Kwon Do Martial Arts Training for Atty  
180   Defending a Juvenile Short Article  
182   DWS driving while suspended  
183   Handling the Criminal Case  
184   Legal Publications    
185   Links to 1000 plus legal articles and statutes  
186   Resume 2012    

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Kenneth Vercammens Law office represents individuals charged with criminal, drug offenses, and serious traffic violations throughout New Jersey. Our office helps people with traffic/ municipal court tickets including drivers charged with Driving While Intoxicated, Refusal and Driving While Suspended.

Kenneth Vercammen was the NJ State Bar Municipal Court Attorney of the Year and past president of the Middlesex County Municipal Prosecutors Association.

Criminal and Motor vehicle violations can cost you. You will have to pay fines in court or receive points on your drivers license. An accumulation of too many points, or certain moving violations may require you to pay expensive surcharges to the N.J. DMV [Division of Motor Vehicles] or have your license suspended. Dont give up! The Law Office of Kenneth Vercammen can provide experienced attorney representation for criminal motor vehicle violations.

When your job or drivers license is in jeopardy or you are facing thousands of dollars in fines, DMV surcharges and car insurance increases, you need excellent legal representation. The least expensive attorney is not always the answer. Schedule an appointment if you need experienced legal representation in a traffic/municipal court matter.

Our website www.KennethVercammen.com provides information on traffic offenses we can be retained to represent people. Our website also provides details on jail terms for traffic violations and car insurance eligibility points. Car insurance companies increase rates or drop customers based on moving violations.

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