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Do not drink & drive. Kenneth Vercammen has served as a Municipal Prosecutor from 1991- 1999. Different beer brands have varied alcohol contents. Be careful what you drink. The following information is available on the Internet, located at http://brewery.org/brewery/library/al clunger.html.

Alcohol and Calorie Content of About 200 Popular Beers

Generally three types of beer are sold: regular, light, and non-alcoholic. The term light intends to signify a product with less alcohol and fewer calories than regular beer. About 2-3 percent of beer sales are now of the light type (4). Non-alcoholic beer usually claims less than a half percent of alcohol and is intended for people who desire a product with little or no alcohol.

In all, 202 samples of beer were tested. The alcohol and calorie content for each sample are reported. In comparison to regular beer which averaged 5 percent alcohol and 43 calories per 100 ml, light and non-alcoholic beer averaged 16 and 94 percent less alcohol and 27 and 60 percent fewer calories, respectively.

Analysis of Beer

 TABLE I--ALCOHOL AND CALORIE CONTENT OF BEER Brand/Brewer (Country) % Alcohol Calories per 100 ml ------------------------------------------------------- Anchor Porter Anchor (USA) 5.66 59 Anchor Steam Beer Anchor (USA) 4.63 43 Asahi Draft Beer Asahi (Japan) 5.21 41 Ballantine Prlvate Stock Malt Liquor Narragansett (USA) 6.01 47 Ballantine Indla Pale Ale 6.17 53 Falstaff (USA) 6.61 55 Ballantine Premium Lager Beer Falstaff (USA) 4.82 43 Ballantine XXX Ale 5.68 49 Falstaff (USA) 5.08 46 Bass & Co's Bale Ale 4.02 37 Bass (England) 5.51 45 4.95 41 Beamish Irish Cream Stout Beamish - Crawford (Ireland) 3.73 37 Beck's Beer 5.13 43 Brauerei Beck (Germany) 5.13 42 Big Barrel Australian Lager 3.98 31 Cooper & Sons (Australia) 4.66 39 Black Horse Premium Draft Beer Black Horse (USA) 4.74 45 Blatz Beer G. Heileman (USA) 4.86 43 Blatz Milwaukee 1851 Beer Blatz (USA) 4.48 38 Boulder Porter Boulder (USA) 6.07 53 Budwelser King of Beers 4.82 40 Anheuser Busch (USA) 4.47 39 Busch Beer 4.98 42 Anheuser Busch (USA) 5.19 43 Carling Black Label Canadian 4.71 45 Style Beer G. Heileman (USA) 4.38 39 Cerveza Carta Blanca Cerveceria Cauhtemoc (Mexlco) 4.02 36 Cerveza Tecate Beer 4.10 37 Cervecerla Cauhtemoc (Mexico) 4.49 41 Chester Golden A]e Greenall Whitley (England) 5.43 44 Colt 45 Malt Liquor 5.53 45 G. Heileman (USA) 6.11 49 Coors Banquet Beer 4.81 39 Adolph Coors (USA) 5.03 41 Corona Extra Beer Cereveria Modela SA (Mexico) 4.84 45 Dos Equis XX Imported Beer Cauhtemoc (Mexico) 4.79 42 Dos Equis XX Special Lager Cerveceria Montezuma (Mexico) 4.96 44 Dragon Stout Desnoes - Goeddes (Jamaica) 6.79 62 Foster's Lager 5.25 42 Garlton & United (Australia) 5.06 44 Furstenberg German Beer Fustlich Ferstenbergische 4.43 39 (Germany) Genesee 12 Horse Ale 4.76 46 Genesee (USA) 4.98 44 Genesee Beer Genesee (USA) 5.03 43 Genesee Cream Ale 4.9B 44 Genesee (USA) 4.70 42 George Killian's Irish Red Ale Adolph Coors (USA) 5.79 50 George Killian's Irish Red Brand Beer Adolph Coors (USA) 5.54 49 Great Wall Imported Chinese Beer Green Bamboo (China) 4.63 45 Greenall's Cheshire English Pub Beer Grecnall Whitley PLC (England) 5.00 40 Grizzly Canadian Lager 5.4B 43 Hamilton (Canada) 4.45 36 Grolsch Lager Beer 5.11 44 Grolsch Bierbrouweri (Holland) 5.17 44 5.16 43 5.37 44 Guinness Extra Stout Gulnness (Ireland) 4.27 43 Harfenrefrer Private Stock Malt Llquor Narragansett (USA) 6.87 50 Hamm's Beer Pabst (USA) 4.53 40 Harp (mported Lager Beer 4.55 40 Harp (Ireland) 4.71 42 4.96 43 Heineken Lager Beer 5.41 47 Heineken (Holland) 5.41 45 Heineken Special Dark Beer Heineken (Holland) 5.17 48 Hofenperle Special Feldschlosschen Bier Feldsohlosschen Rheinfelden (Switzerland) 5.28 45 Kaiserdom Rauchbier-Smoked Bavarlan Dark Beer Bamberg Worner OHG (Germany) 5.88 49 Kirin Beer 6.85 53 Kirin (Japan) 5.27 43 Knickerbocker Natural Beer Ruppert (USA) 4.16 38 Kronenbourg Beer 5.11 43 Kronenbourg (France) 4.83 42 Kronenbourg Imported Dark Beer 5.08 46 Kronenbourg (France) Kuppers Kolsch Kuppers (Germany) 5.38 45 LA Anheuser Busch Premlum Pilsner Beer 2.29(a) 26 Anheuser Busch (USA) 2.00(a) 29 Labatt's 50 Canadian Ale 5.34 43 Labatt (Canada) Liberty Ale Anchor (USA) 6.12 53 Lord Chesterrfeld Ale 5.40 30 D.G. Yuengling & Son (USA) 5.57 44 Lowenbrau Dark Special Beer Miller (USA) 5.00 45 Lowenbrau Special Beer 5.12 45 Miller (USA) 5.03 44 McEwans Scotch Ale Scottish & Newcastle (Scotland) 9.50 83 Michelob Beer 4.90 44 Anheuser Busch (USA) 4.99 45 Michelob Classic Dark Beer Anheuser Busch (USA) 4.76 45 Michelob Classic Dark Beer Anheuser Busch (USA) 4.93 45 Mickeys Fine Malt Liquor G. Heileman (USA) 5.70 45 Miller High Life Beer 4.78 44 Miller (USA) 4.80 43 Miller High Life Genuine 4.68 42 Draft Beer, Miller (USA) 5.02 43 Molson Canadian Beer Molson (Canada) 5.19 43 Molson Golden Beer 6.04 48 Molson (Canada) 5.22 43 Moosehead Canadian Lager Beer 5.08 43 Moosehead (Canada) 4.84 40 4.92 40 O'Keefe Canadian Beer 4.96 40 O'Reefe (Canada) 5.03 41 Olde English Brand 800 Malt Liquor 6.13 48 pabst (USA) 5.78 45 Old Milwaukee Beer 4.95 44 Stroh (USA) 4.51 41 Olympia Premium Lager Beer Pabst (USA) 4.78 41 Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer 4.50 39 Pabst (USA) 5.01 43 5.00 43 Piels Premium Draft Style Beer 4.84 43 Stroh (USA) 4.23 39 Pilsener Urquell Beer Pilsener Urquell Pilzen 4.25 45 (Czechoslovakia) Red Strlpe Lager Beer 5.04 43 Desnoes & Geddes (Jamaica) 4.82 42 Red White & Blue Special Lager Beer G. Heileman (USA) 5.15 43 Rheingold Premium Beer Rheingold (USA) 4.78 42 Rolllng Rock Extra Pale Premium Beer Latrobe (USA) 4.64 40 Rolling Rock Premlum Beer 4.51 34 Latrobe (USA) 4.27 38 Samuel Adams Boston Lager 4.67 50 Boston Beer (USA) 4.88 48 4.74 44 Schaefer Beer 4.66 40 Stroh (USA) 4.60 40 4.48 40 Schlitz Beer 4.70 41 Stroh (USA) 4.41 40 4.60 42 Schlitz Malt Liquor Stroh (USA) 6.29 52 Sheaf Stout Carlton & United (Australia) 5.28 49 Sierra Nevada Pale Ale Sierra Nevada (USA 4.82 45 Sierra Nevada Porter Sierra Nevada (USA) 5.34 48 Sierra Nevada Stout Sierra Nevada (USA) 5.10 56 Signature Stroh Beer Stroh (USA) 4.84 43 Sol Cerveza Especial 3.94 36 Cerveceria Montezuma (Mexico) 4.13 37 Spaten Munich Special Dark Beer Spaten-Brau (Germany) 6.63 52 St. Pauli Girl Beer 5.00 39 St. Pauli (Germany) 4.79 41 St. Pauli Girl Dark Beer 5.02 45 St. Pauli (Germany) 4.93 44 Stroh's Beer 4.64 41 Stroh (USA) 4.68 42 Suntory Draft Beer Suntory (Japan) 4.64 39 Superior Imported Beer Cerveceria Moctezuma (Mexico) 4.34 43 Thos Cooper & Sons Adelaide Lager Cooper & Sons (Australia) 4.27 36 Thos Cooper & Sons Naturally Brewed Real Ale Cooper & Sons (Australia) 6.77 45 Thos Cooper & Sons Naturally Brewed Stout Cooper & Sons (Australla) 7.10 58 Tolly Origlnal Premium Ale Tollei-ache & Cobbold 4.85 41 (England) Tsingtao Beer Tsingtao (China) 4.79 43 Tuborg Deluxe Dark Export Quality Beer G. Heileman (USA) 5.11 46 Tuborg Export Quality Beer 5.02 45 G. Heileman (USA) 5.02 44 Tusker Malt Lager Bia Ni Bora (Kenya) 5.24 42 Utica Club Pilsener Lager Beer West End (USA) 4.82 27 Watney's Red Barrel Beer Stag (England) 3.92 40 Wurzburger Hofbrau Pilsner Beer Wurtzburger Hofbrauag 5.42 45 (Germany) Yuengling Porter D.G. Yuengllng & Son (USA) 4.13 40 Yuengllng Premium Beer D.G. Yuengling & Son (USA) 4.65 39 4.11 39 ------------------------------------------------ (a) claims half the alcohol of regular beer TABLE 2--ALCOHOL AND CALORIE CONTENT OF LIGHT BEER Brand BreHer (Country) % Alcohol Calorles . per 100 ml -------------------------------------------------------- Amstel Light Bier 3.74 29 Amstel Brouwerij B.V. 3.96 28 (Holland) Anheuser Busch Natural Light Beer 4.40 33 Anheuser Busch (USA) 4.12 31 Bud Light Beer 3.56 30 Anheuser Busch (USA) 3.88 33 Coors Llght Beer Adolph Coors (USA) 4.36 30 Dribeck's Light Low Calorie Beer Brauerei Beck (Germany) 3.39 28 Genesee Light Beer Genesee (USA) 3.55 27 Michelob Light Beer 4.53 41 Anheuser Busch (USA) 4.52 39 Miller Lite Pilsner Beer 4.61 31 Mlller (USA) 4.40 29 Molson Light Beer Molson (Canada) 2.41 23 Nordik Wolf Light Imported Beer 4.81 32 A.B. Pripps Bryggerier 4.70 31 (Sweden) Old Milwaukee Premium Light Beer Stroh (USA) 3.82 32 Pabst Extra Light Low Alaohol Beer Pabst (USA) 2.50(a) 19 Piels Naturally Light Beer Stroh (USA) 4.49 40 Rheingold Extra Light Beer Rheingold (USA) 4.32 27 Schaeler Light Lager Beer Stroh (USA) 4.07 34 Schlitz Light Pilsner Beer Stroh (USA) 4.28 31 Stroh Light Beer 4.91 42 Stroh (USA) 4.45 35 Watney's London Light Beer Whatney Combe Reid (England) 3.56 29 Wurtzburger Hofbrau Pure Bavarian Light Beer Wurtzburger Hofbrau Ag 5.44 43 (Germany) --------------------------------------------------- (a) claims 50% less alcohol than regular beer TABLE 3--ALC0H0L AND CALORIE CONTEHT OF NON-ALCOHOLIC BEER Brand Brewer (Country) % Alcohol Calories . per 1OO ml -------------------------------------------------------- Bass Barbican Non-Alooholic Malt Beverage Bass (England) 0.10 15 Clausthaler Non-Alcoholic Herbfrisches Schankbier Bindlng Brauerei (Germany) 0.44 13 Clausthaler Hon-Alcoholic Herbfrlsches Schankbier Bindlng Brauerel (Germany) 0.48 14 Elan Swiss Brew Non-Alcoholic Malt Beverage Feldschloschen (Switzerland) 0.50 25 Kallber All Natural Non-Alcoholic Brew Light Malt Beverage Guinness (England) 0.10 14 Kingsbury Non-Alcoholic Malt Bev. 0.20 15 G. Heileman (USA) 0.10 14 0.10 13 Metbrau All Natural Draft Non-Alcoholic Malt Beverage Metropolls (USA) 0.50 21 Moussy Non-Alcohollc Malt Beverage 0.05 15 Cardlnal Filbourg (Switzerland) 0.10 16 Saint Michael's Non-Alcoholic Malt Beverage St. Michael's (USA) 0.73 17 Wurtzburger Hofbrau Non-Alcoholic Light Malt Beverage Wurzberger Hofbrau Ag (Germany) 0.10 30 ------------------------------------------------------------ TABLE 4--AVERAGE ALCOHOL AND CALORIE CONTENT OF REGULAR, LIGHT, AND NON-ALCOHOLIC BEER Product No. % AlcoholCalories samples per 100 ml ---------------------------------------------------------------- Regular 163 5.0 [2.0-9.5] 43 [26-83] Light 26 4.1 [2.4-5.4] 32 [19-43] (-16%) (-27%) Non-alcohollc 13 0.3 [0.1-0.7] 17 [13-30] (-94%) (-60%) ---------------------------------------------------------------- 

The number in parenthesls ( ) indicates average difference from regular beer and numbers in brackets [] is the range of % alcohol and calories per 100 ml, respectlvely. ?

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In direct contrast to the hard-hitting approach we take toward the insurance companies is the soft approach we take toward our clients. I am proud of my compassionate staff as I am of the outstanding financial results they have achieved. For many years, I have watched them treat our clients with patience, dignity and respect. I would have it no other way.

Many years ago, I attended a seminar sponsored by the American Bar Association on Law Practice Management. This was to help insure that each of our clients is always treated like a person -- not a file! We recognize that you are innocent victims and that you have placed your trust in us. Please understand that we understand what you are going through. Feel comforted that we are here to help you.

If you retain KENNETH VERCAMMEN to represent you, we will give you the same advice we give each of our clients -- concentrate on your life, you family and your health. We will take care of everything else. Leave all of the work and worry about your legal rights to us. Trust us. Believe in us. Have faith in us as your attorneys. Understand that we will always to do what we believe is best for you and your case. Helping you is our job. In fact, it is our only job -- guiding injury victims like you through one of the most difficult times of your lives, with care and concern -- while fighting aggressively to the limits of the law to obtain compensation and justice for each of you!

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When you have been injured in an accident or collision, you are worried about who is going to pay your medical bills, lost wages, and other damages. The last thing you want is to be taken advantage of by an insurance company. If you dont protect your rights, you may not be able to make a claim.

Insurance companies have attorneys and adjusters whose goal is to pay you as little as they can. You need a New Jersey personal injury lawyer to fight for you. I am dedicated to helping your recover as much money as possible under the law.

You need an attorney who will work hard to protect your rights, maximize your insurance settlement and minimize the hassles of dealing with the insurance companies. You need an experienced and aggressive New Jersey trial lawyer with PROVEN RESULTS who will fight for you. Having an experienced personal injury lawyer can make the difference between getting what you deserve and getting nothing.

Without the threat of a lawyer who is willing to go to trial and seek a big jury verdict, why would an insurance company pay you what your claim is really worth? Lawsuits can be expensive, and many people do not have the money to pursue their claim. In every case, I advance all costs associated with pursuing your case and I do not ask you for a penny until we recover from the other side.

I am an experienced aggressive trial lawyer and a 3rd degree Black Belt. I am not afraid to take your case to trial if that is what it takes to maximize the amount of money your recover for your personal injury. I offer one-on-one service, and I will not hand your case off to an inexperienced lawyer or a paralegal.

Reduce the stress of making a claim.

Personal injury accidents can turn your life upside down. Making a personal injury claim can be difficult and time consuming. Once I take your case, you can stop worrying about dealing with the insurance companies and focus on recovering from your injuries. I take care of all of the paperwork, phone calls, and negotiations, so you can get on with your life.

p.s. For those clients who are afraid or reluctant to go to Court, KENNETH VERCAMMEN also offers a special -- For Settlement Only -- program. This means that if we are unable to settle with the insurance company, we will not go any further -- unless you want us to. You have my personal assurance that there will be absolutely no pressure and no obligation.

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Kenneth A. Vercammen is the Managing Attorney at Kenneth Vercammen & Associates in Edison, NJ. He is a New Jersey trial attorney has devoted a substantial portion of his professional time to the preparation and trial of litigated matters. He has appeared in Courts throughout New Jersey each week on personal injury matters, Criminal /Municipal Court trials, and contested Probate hearings.

Mr. Vercammen has published over 125 legal articles in national and New Jersey publications on criminal, elder law, probate and litigation topics. He is a highly regarded lecturer on litigation issues for the American Bar Association, NJ ICLE, New Jersey State Bar Association and Middlesex County Bar Association. His articles have been published in noted publications included New Jersey Law Journal, ABA Law Practice Management Magazine, and New Jersey Lawyer. He is the Editor in Chief of the American Bar Association Tort and Insurance Committee Newsletter.

Admitted In NJ, US Supreme Court and Federal District Court.

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